Case Study

How We Generated 518 Hot Leads in Just 60 Days - Our Proven Strategy Revealed!

Discover the strategies and tactics that helped us generate 518 high-quality leads in just 60 days!

Our Clients Problem

Our client, a local roofing company, had no website and no online presence, relying solely on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising. This limited their ability to generate consistent, high-quality leads.

Our Solution

We created a professional website, optimised it for search engines (SEO), and launched targeted Google Ad campaigns.

The Results

In just 60 days, our strategy generated 518 hot leads, significantly boosting their business and credibility in the local roofing market.


If you’re a tradesman or home service business owner, you’ll gain valuable insights from our case study on how we helped a client generate 518 leads in just 60 days.

In this detailed breakdown, we’ll cover:

  • The landing page design
  • The campaign strategy we chose
  • Our ad group structure
  • The keywords we targeted
  • The ad copy that worked
  • And much more!

Learn how you can apply these strategies to boost your own lead generation efforts and grow your business.

Dont Take Our Word For It

Take a look at the real screenshot from the backend of our client’s Google Ads account. Here are the impressive results we achieved in just 60 days:

Date Range: April 9th – June 9th
Ad Spend: €1190
Leads Generated: 518

Step 1: Landing Page

The landing page of a website is crucial for capturing leads from Google Ads. We implemented effective strategies that significantly boosted our client’s conversion rate, resulting in the lowest cost per lead possible.

Above the fold:

Our 3 Above The Fold Landing Page Strategies:

From our experience, a landing page must have these three essential elements:

  • Phone number prominently displayed at the top
  • Multiple calls to action
  • Real photos of  your work

Under the fold:

Our 3 Under The Fold Landing Page Strategies:

From our experience, a successful under-the-fold landing page should have these three key elements:

  1. Keep your phone number visible at the top.
  2. Include multiple calls to action for easy contact.
  3. Showcase your top services.

Step 2: Campaign Choice

Search Campaigns with Call Extensions

With search campaigns featuring call extensions, you get two major benefits: Firstly, potential customers can dial your number right from the ad. Secondly, those who need more details can click on the ad and land on your website, where they can learn more and still have multiple chances to call.

Direct Calling:

  • Users can call you straight from the ad, ensuring quick connections for urgent needs.
  • This boosts satisfaction and conversions, especially for urgent services like plumbing or home repairs.

Easy Information Access:

  • Clicking the ad takes users to your website for more details.
  • They can explore services and company info, with many chances to call from the website.
  • This caters to different preferences, maximising lead generation and conversions.

Step 3: Ad Groups

Within every campaign, we create different ad groups to target the clients different services.

Our ad group strategy focused on precision and relevance. Here’s a breakdown:

Target Separate Services In Each Ad Groups:
We targeted each service in a separate ad group. This approach allowed us to:

  • Maximise Relevance: Ensure ads directly matched the specific service being searched for.
  • Improve Performance: Increase click-through rates by displaying highly relevant ads.
  • Optimise Budget: Allocate our advertising budget more efficiently by focusing on specific services.

Example (Our Ad vs Competitor Ad)

Search: “Guttering near me”

Our “Roof Cleaning ” Ad: 

Our Competitor "Roof Cleaning " Ad: 

Why Our Ad Outperforms the Competitors

When searching “roof cleaning near me,” our specific roof cleaning ad appears because we’ve segmented each service into separate ad groups, unlike our competitors who show generic “roofing near me” ads for the same search.

  • Our ad directly aligns with the customer’s search intent, significantly boosting clicks and leads
  • By incorporating relevant keywords, our ad enhances visibility and relevance.
  • Customers are more inclined to click on ads that precisely address their needs, resulting in higher click-through rates and superior performance.

This targeted ad strategy not only attracts more clicks and calls but also ensures efficient use of our advertising budget compared to competitors’ broader approaches.

Step 4: Our Process For Selecting keywords

Step 1. We pick specific keywords for each ad group to match the service they promote.

Step 2. At the start, we use a wide variety of keywords to see which ones bring in leads.

Step 3. Over time, we keep the keywords that bring in leads and switch them to exact match. The keywords that don’t get leads are taken out of the campaign.

The Result: This process helps us focus our budget on the best-performing keywords, ensuring we get leads efficiently over time.

The Data:

Conclusion & Takeaways

Our case study demonstrates how we generated 518 leads in just 60 days for a home service business. By focusing on key areas like landing page design, campaign strategy, ad group organization, and keyword optimization, we achieved impressive results with a modest ad budget. Here are practical tips based on our experience to help you boost your lead generation efforts:

  1. Enhance Your Landing Page: Optimize your landing page with clear contact information, compelling calls to action, and real photos of your services to increase conversions.

  2. Choose Effective Campaigns: Use search campaigns with call extensions to encourage direct calls from potential customers and drive them to your website for more information.

  3. Organize Ad Groups Strategically: Segment your services into separate ad groups to improve relevance and performance, boosting click-through rates and optimizing your advertising budget.

  4. Refine Your Keyword Approach: Start with a variety of keywords to gauge effectiveness. Focus on high-performing keywords over time by promoting them to exact match and removing underperforming ones.

Implementing these strategies can significantly increase the number of leads your business generates. By continually refining your digital marketing tactics based on performance, you can effectively grow your customer base in the competitive home services industry.

Want All of This Done for You?

We specialise in working with tradesmen and home service businesses to achieve results like the ones mentioned above. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help boost your lead generation efforts, get in touch with us today. We’re here to discuss what we can do to support your business growth.